Blackhorse Workshop Takeover: 3D Life Drawing

Photography: Agnese Sanvito


Take yourself back to the basics of Art School when perception of form and structure were practiced through life drawing. This is a life drawing class with a twist, all your drawings will be made in three dimensions.

You will be ditching the pencil, and picking up wire as a drawing tool. By manipulating 2.5mm wire with twists, bends and the occasional brazed joint, you will create a drawing of the human figure. The class will be set up like an authentic life drawing class with a model, set poses and a technical tutor will be available during the session to teach, assist and direct you to recreate the authentic art school atmosphere. The session will be introduced with a short talk on wire techniques and an insight into artists both past and present that have used this technique.

Please note that there will be a nude life model present throughout the workshop.

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