Experimental Life Drawing with Geoff Brunell

Image: Geoff Brunell, Red Handed, 2017. Courtesy of the artist.


Geoff Brunell, original Walthamstow School of Art student (1963–1666) and former Head of Art and Design at the University of East London, will lead a practical workshop combining traditional life drawing practices with experimental drawing ideas, mediums and techniques. The workshop is suitable for all levels of experience providing a stimulating, accessible environment for beginners and an inspirational fresh look at drawing for those with more experience.

Please note that there will be a nude life model present throughout the workshop.

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Geoff Brunell’s work is influenced and directed by personal experiences and his desire to use the imagination. He is interested in the exploration of the creative process, in synthesis and transformation, in the development of any image. His most recent work was exhibited as part of his solo show Selfies at Seventy at the Espacio Gallery. A published book of the same title accompanied the exhibition, which includes 25 self-portraits, each alongside a poem.

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