How Does this Country Work? with Rosalie Schweiker

Image: Allowed (c) Mia Frostner and Rosalie Schweiker 2016


What is proportional representation and how do you go about getting a tier-2 visa? Join artist Rosalie Schweiker, exactly one month after the snap general election, as she expands the political education of the art school to answers these questions and many more as well as interrogate what it means to be an artist and UK citizen in the aftermath of the election.

Please note: This workshop is for UK and non-UK passport holders who currently live in the UK.




Rosalie Schweiker is a conceptual artist who uses social exchanges such as conversations, economic transactions and jokes to find new functions for art in society. Inherent in the work is a playful humour that makes knowable the unwritten rules by which social systems operate. Since Rosalie’s focus is on the communicative effects of art, most of her work leaves hardly any material trace.

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