A Study of Line: Self portraiture through Graphic Novels with David Blandy

July 12, 2017


In this workshop led by artist David Blandy you will learn how to construct, draw and plan a comic strip and be introduced to the skills necessary to combine text and image in order to tell your stories. Participants will examine master practitioners such as Harvey Pekar, Art Spiegelman, Osamu Tezuka, Alison Bechdel and Chris Ware before constructing their own stories based on important moments in their lives.

David Blandy works with the image in the digital world, from the YouTube tutorial and music videos, to television series, anime and the narrative sections of computer games; highlighting our relationship with popular culture and investigating what makes us who we are. Within each work he deconstructs the form, placing himself as the alienated subject in a prefabricated cultural archetype. Through this process Blandy questions our relationship with the narratives that surround and shape us, to find what forms the contemporary collective unconscious.