An introduction to Portraiture with Eamon Everall

July 7, 2017


Original Walthamstow School of Art student (1965 – 69) and founding member of the Stuckist group, Eamon Everall, will lead a session and introduce participants to the joys and challenges of making a portrait from a live model, in either tone or line. There will be one pose throughout so that participants can create one piece or, by moving their position, several.

Eamon Everall, together with Charles Thomson, Billy Childish et al, was one of the founders of the radical pro painting movement, Stuckism in 1999 and has been a major exhibitor since, as well as regularly participating in their Turner Prize demonstrations. His father was in the Armed Forces and he spent much of his childhood abroad, including the Far East. He currently divides his working week between his studio and teaching art based subjects. As well as being a qualified lecturer he has an MA in Visual Theories. Interests include Buddhism and Tai Chi. He lives in East London on the edge of Epping Forest, where he likes to go running.